Personal Training Without the Price Tag

Group classes focused on total body strength, mobility, cardio and core.
Workouts are designed for maximum calorie burn.
All fitness levels welcome. Classes taught by Certified Trainers.


About the Gym

Find Your Fit is a brand new fitness experience. We are a family owned and operated facility from the ground up. Workouts are created with all fitness levels in mind. Our facility was created with the idea that everyone has unique fitness goals and abilities, and the path to get to those goals can vary greatly. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, Find Your Fit can help you reach YOUR goals. We pride ourselves on being able to modify any exercise when necessary,  while still pushing you harder than ever before. Come join our fitness family!

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Class Schedule

Our classes are total body workouts, but focus on certain muscle groups each day to give your body variety and allow your muscles to recover properly. The format changes each day to keep the workouts fresh. Stop during any class time to start your free week trial!

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Our Classes

Each day is a different workout to keep your body guessing. We integrate several types of equipment in our classes. Not only will you get a killer workout, but you will learn how to use equipment that will allow you to feel comfortable in any gym setting. Our classes focus on functional movement so your workouts will improve your everyday life.

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Medicine Balls

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Resistance Bands


Let Us Be Your Guide

Get help from a Trainer


Flexibility Training

Join one of our trainers for an hour of unique exercises to tighten and strengthen your body. This type of training allows for a wide variety of exercises that works every muscle group. Flexibility Training will improve all fitness areas by emphasizing coordination, balance and core strength.

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Weight Training

We’re going to pump you up! Strengthen and tone your body by letting one of our certified personal trainers teach you proper form and different fitness routines. This will help to improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. Your beach body will thank you.

Crossfit Class

Core Training

Use one of our trainers as a personal coach as you begin a journey to get faster, stronger and healthier. Core Training is suitable for everyone at any kind of fitness level. It is an excellent rehabilitation program following injury, taking advantage of the body’s natural movements. Don’t hesitate to start today!

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Ensure progress is happening by staying accountable with a trainer. The proof is in the numbers. Your trainer will measure several aspects of your health and fitness. Track progress, see results.


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